Defending Everly by Susan Stoker (Mountain Mercenaries #5)

Book Review

Grade B+

This book was just the right blend of action, romance, and sexiness. I particularly loved that Everly is a badass in her own right and doesn’t need to rely on Kannon – but gets to choose to. She is a police officer and a member of the SWAT team. Even though Ball starts out by insulting her pretty strongly – he quickly backtracks to a different position as he gets to know Everly. Ball is really one of the good ones. He is honest, kind, hardworking, and has a strong desire to do the right thing – always. He lets everly be Everly and supports her instead of trying to control her. He uses his past as a learning experience. He even admits at one point that he let his past hold him back and make him better instead of using it to grow. Seriously. Where can we find more men like Ball?

I also really appreciated the way the author shows us Everly’s teenage sister Elise. Instead of giving us just a snapshot of a moody, 2-Dimensional teen, she gives us the full picture of a teen facing the challenges she’s facing with the trauma she’s been through. I also appreciated the honesty that the author uses in talking about the importance of therapy and the impact on not just the victim but those around them.

This was my first book by Susan Stoker – but now I am anxious to read more! What is the betting that the bartender at the Pit is Rex?

I received this book as an ARC, but all these opinions are my own. As well as the fact that I’ve already downloaded the other books from the series….

Want to buy this book? You can get it on Amazon!

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