Reindeer Falls Series by Jana Aston

Book Review

Grade B+

It’s Christmas … and anything is possible at Christmas. Have a little faith in the magic.

This holiday season brings you three wonderful stories about three sisters whose family and small hometown are maybe a little over-the-top obsessed with Christmas. The Reindeer Falls series combines small town romance with Christmas cheer and some seriously modern sexiness. I enjoyed the heck out of all of these stories – and the best part – you can read them for FREE via Kindle Unlimited!

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The Boss Who Stole Christmas is a workplace romance between middle sister Holly Mistletoe (yeah, that really is her name). Holly is extremely attracted to her boss, but feels his is a jerk and a serious Grinch. Nick is seriously in to Holly, but seems very cognizant of workplace boundaries and power differentials. Their story is seriously cute and funny.

If You Give A Jerk A Gingerbread is the second story in the series, but runs along the same timeline as the first book. Ginger Spice (again – these poor kids), is a talented baker competing on a Food Network show competition being filmed in Reindeer Falls. One of the competition is Keller James, celebrity chef. Keller and Ginger instantly fall for each other – and you can see why. They are both passionate about food (particularly baking) and seem to fit together perfectly. Their story is fun and if you are Food Network fan, completely within the realm of possibility.

The One Night Stand Before Christmas is the last in the series – and it is my favorite. I Noel Eve (oh my goodness) is a community program organizer for Reindeer Falls and seems like someone you completely want to be BFFs with. Teddy is just as awesome. Their meet cute – is just about perfect. I loved that Teddy was instantly smitten with Noel and just went along with the ride.

Overall, these stories feature some serious insta-love, but in a very believable and relate-able way. None of the sisters are shy or insecure about themselves or their love of Christmas, their hometown, and each other. I also appreciated the way their various counterparts appreciated their attitude, smarts, and abilities. Is there anything sexier than a man who supports the woman in his life and lifts her up? I don’t think so.

These stories are sexy, feel-good, funny and a perfect quick holiday treat. Overall I think the three books together – make one full story so do yourself a favor and read them all!

Want to buy them or read them for free in Kindle Unlimited? You can get them all on Amazon.

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