The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Book Review

Grade A-

When was the last time you laughed out loud at a book? I don’t mean giggled, I mean laughed until you cried? That was this book for me. Dottie is awesome – but Jason. Oh. My. Word. Jason. I think we all need a little Jason Orson in our lives, or maybe a lot of Jason Orson. He does have the best ass in baseball afterall.

Jason and Dottie went to college together, but didn’t really know each other back then. Dottie had an enormous crush on Jason during that time, but never acted on it. Jason didn’t know Dottie even existed – not out of some level of ego or arrogance, he just didn’t notice her. Fast forward ten years and circumstances bring Dottie and Jason together in the form of her making a donation to Jason’s charity. The donation was due to a miscommunication between Dottie and her assistant, but ultimately led to Dottie winning a date with Jason that she is too embarrassed to participate in.

To say that Jason and Dottie don’t immediately hit it off would be a gross understatement. Dottie refuses to be charmed by Jason. Jason is totally caught off guard by Dottie and immediately surges into overdrive to drive her nuts. Jason has #nofilter, no shame, and an over abundance of self-confidence and charm. He is one hell of an optimist an a seriously hard working guy. You honestly can’t help but love him. He is completely over-the-top.

Like the two main characters, this story doesn’t pull any punches or come with many surprises. You can 100% see where the drama between the two is going to come from extremely quickly. And even though it isn’t a surprise, it is extremely painful to watch it coming and happen. You so so so so so want it to stop – but you know it isn’t going to happen.

Overall – I loved the characters and the writing. This book is seriously funny and irreverent. If you love hot men who are basically a big teddy bear with no filter – you too will love Jason. You will also love his love for Dottie.

Now if only I had his recipe for potato salad!!

If you have read other books in this series you will appreciate the return of those characters and see where the series might be headed in the future. If you read the Locker Room (which is free on Kindle Unlimited and I also loved) there will come a point in this book where you perhaps scream, as I did, DAMN YOU MEGHAN QUINN. Only to flip the page, sighing with relief and say – you sneaky stink!!! I see you Meghan. I see you.

Loved this story – and I think you will too!

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