Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Book Review Grade: A+ I have a problem – when people tell me a book or a movie or a show is amazing it prompts an almost immediate need to not read or watch it. This is not a smart response – and I know that. But that was the response I had to thisContinue reading “Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston”

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

Book Review Grade: A M-I-S-T-A-K-E – is what it would be to not read this book. That was the code Meg snuck into the wedding program for Reid Sutherland. meg is an artist who focuses on hand lettering – she is much in demand for her skills particularly in making custom planners. Her life tookContinue reading “Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn”

The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Book Review Grade A- When was the last time you laughed out loud at a book? I don’t mean giggled, I mean laughed until you cried? That was this book for me. Dottie is awesome – but Jason. Oh. My. Word. Jason. I think we all need a little Jason Orson in our lives, orContinue reading “The Lineup by Meghan Quinn”

Reindeer Falls Series by Jana Aston

Book Review Grade B+ It’s Christmas … and anything is possible at Christmas. Have a little faith in the magic. This holiday season brings you three wonderful stories about three sisters whose family and small hometown are maybe a little over-the-top obsessed with Christmas. The Reindeer Falls series combines small town romance with Christmas cheerContinue reading “Reindeer Falls Series by Jana Aston”

Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Book Review Grade: A We all have light and dark inside us, love. We try to hide the darkness from others because we’re afraid it will scare them away. But your dark doesn’t scare me, Luca. It only makes me want to hold your hand and be your light until you can find your ownContinue reading “Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward”

Defending Everly by Susan Stoker (Mountain Mercenaries #5)

Book Review Grade B+ This book was just the right blend of action, romance, and sexiness. I particularly loved that Everly is a badass in her own right and doesn’t need to rely on Kannon – but gets to choose to. She is a police officer and a member of the SWAT team. Even thoughContinue reading “Defending Everly by Susan Stoker (Mountain Mercenaries #5)”

Night of the Scoundrel by Kelly Bowen

Book Review Grade: A Content Warning (Spoiler): Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Violence, Personal Loss I have been WAITING for this book for so long. Like so long. Why do I so adore these irredeemable bad boys? This is the story all Kelly Bowen fans have been waiting for since the first time we encountered King,Continue reading “Night of the Scoundrel by Kelly Bowen”

The Royal Bodyguard by Lindsay Emory

Book Review Grade: B- Perfect princesses exist only in fairy-tales. Humans wear tiaras, my darling. Humans who deserve love and forgiveness, just like everyone else I guess I’ve been on a Royal Romance kick lately!! This sub-genre of romance can be seriously hit-or-miss for me. This book falls in the entertaining, but imperfect category. CarolineContinue reading “The Royal Bodyguard by Lindsay Emory”

The Princess Problem by Christi Barth

Book Review Grade: B- Who you think you are isn’t always who you are meant to be. Kelsey and her sister are ready to take New York City by storm! Finding out she is the long lost princess of a small European country is not in those plans. It turns out Kelsey was kidnapped whenContinue reading “The Princess Problem by Christi Barth”

Knox by Brenda Rothert

Book Review Grade: B+ I don’t want perfection, Reese. I never did. I just want you. Brenda Rothert’s heroes continue to steal my heart. Especially the ones in her Chicago Blaze Series. I have to admit, Hockey Romances are kinda my thing. If you look in my Goodreads history you will see a LOT ofContinue reading “Knox by Brenda Rothert”