Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Book Review Grade: A+ I have a problem – when people tell me a book or a movie or a show is amazing it prompts an almost immediate need to not read or watch it. This is not a smart response – and I know that. But that was the response I had to thisContinue reading “Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston”

The Royal Bodyguard by Lindsay Emory

Book Review Grade: B- Perfect princesses exist only in fairy-tales. Humans wear tiaras, my darling. Humans who deserve love and forgiveness, just like everyone else I guess I’ve been on a Royal Romance kick lately!! This sub-genre of romance can be seriously hit-or-miss for me. This book falls in the entertaining, but imperfect category. CarolineContinue reading “The Royal Bodyguard by Lindsay Emory”

The Princess Problem by Christi Barth

Book Review Grade: B- Who you think you are isn’t always who you are meant to be. Kelsey and her sister are ready to take New York City by storm! Finding out she is the long lost princess of a small European country is not in those plans. It turns out Kelsey was kidnapped whenContinue reading “The Princess Problem by Christi Barth”