The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

Book Review Grade A- When was the last time you laughed out loud at a book? I don’t mean giggled, I mean laughed until you cried? That was this book for me. Dottie is awesome – but Jason. Oh. My. Word. Jason. I think we all need a little Jason Orson in our lives, orContinue reading “The Lineup by Meghan Quinn”

Knox by Brenda Rothert

Book Review Grade: B+ I don’t want perfection, Reese. I never did. I just want you. Brenda Rothert’s heroes continue to steal my heart. Especially the ones in her Chicago Blaze Series. I have to admit, Hockey Romances are kinda my thing. If you look in my Goodreads history you will see a LOT ofContinue reading “Knox by Brenda Rothert”